Ailsa Chambers

Associate Partner
Fearless Engagement

“As well as being backed by research, coaching needs to be based on absolute trust and empathy if it’s to be successful and get tangible results.

It’s so much more than a relationship – it’s a partnership.”

The Personal Bit
60 seconds’ work and play…

3 words that sum you up?
Thought-provoking. Fun. Calm.

And 3 words that don’t?
Cold. Shy. Unfocused.

The best audience/coachees?
Those who see the value in having a trusted thinking partner, with time to self-reflect and be challenged.

What makes you laugh or smile?
Emerald-blue sea, mountains and my children sleeping.

Talk to me about…
Travelling, holidays and restaurants.

Ideal superpower?
Telepathy. (Bet you didn’t know that!)

Biggest ‘Doh!’ moment?
Hmm… Misplacing my mobile and needing to call it from a landline? And then hearing a ringtone in my handbag…

When not coaching, you’ll find me…
Looking after my children, doing more learning and making travel plans.

My Objective:

Seeing someone progress from wrestling the big questions to finding the solutions – and with the renewed drive to then act on them – is beyond rewarding.

Executive Coach

Ailsa is the senior executive’s proactive thinking partner, inspiring clients to achieve sustained, positive change. Drawing on more than two decades of strong business performance, and with extensive experience working at senior levels, she understands the nature of large, complex organisations and can quickly relate to the challenges, pressures and barriers to success that today’s leaders face.

With a strong emphasis on trust and empathy, you’ll find Ailsa’s approach pragmatic yet positive, client-centred yet results-focused and challenging yet warm – all backed up by a natural curiosity and the ability to focus on what really matters to get you where you want to be.

Professional Credentials

Coaching Specialties and how Ailsa can help you…

Ailsa specialises in 1:1 Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching. She has worked with senior-level male and female clients from a wide range of disciplines including sales, marketing, HR, commercial and legal; resulting in many of them progressing to more senior roles.

Ailsa works across a number of key sectors, with recent clients including Telefonica 02, EU Networks, Standard and Poor, UNICEF, GAP, Adobe, L’Oréal and BioMarin.

Areas of Expertise:
Role advancement; Leadership & Women in Leadership; Confidence & Imposter Syndrome, Business Development and Stakeholder Management.

My time with Ailsa:

"In building a foundation for professional success, Ailsa helped me see the value of developing a leadership style true to my core values. She quickly identified what I needed to develop and how best to align them with my career goals. I’d recommend Ailsa to anyone seeking to elevate their perspective, unlock their potential and commit to new challenges.”

Successful projects include:

  • Managing Director, Finance Sector – transitioned to a more senior role and became a stronger leader through a focused mindset shift and behavioural change.
  • Director, IT – developed more refined communication and diplomacy skills, strengthened personal brand and personal boardroom strategy, and increased self-awareness in readiness for promotion.
  • Marketing Director, Telecoms – supported to elevate career to board-level role.
  • Corporate Director, Telecoms – supported transition to CFO role and elevation to board status.
  • Head of Regulation, Legal – achieved renewed confidence and energy to undertake a more senior role.

Commercial Experience

Business Background and a life in the real world…

Ailsa previously worked for BT in senior client-centred business roles where she built extensive experience developing and managing executive-level relationships and navigating the complexities of large corporate organisations.

She has worked with a wide range of organisations across different sectors including: financial (Standard and Poor, NatWest, RBS, Visa, American Express), central government (DEFRA, DWP), healthcare (numerous NHS Trusts), retail (Gap) and telecoms (Telefónica/02).

A committed supporter of gender diversity, she is a member of various diversity forums.


  • Accredited Coach, International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Diploma in Performance Coaching
  • Engage Accredited Coach, Mindset Testing for Leadership Readiness for Change
  • International Teaching Seminars (ITS) enrolment
  • ICF-accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Neuroscience Programme
  • Academy of Executive Coaching, Systemic Team Coaching Certificate.
  • Fundamentals in Coaching Constellations – Coaching Constellations


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