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Fearless Engagement

“I love working with leaders who want to step back, reflect and see things differently. Coaching is a wonderful process for bringing insight, clarity and energy where it’s really needed.

Partnering clients as they commit to things that are really going to make a big difference – commercially and personally – is beyond satisfying.”

The Personal Bit
60 seconds’ work and play…

3 words that sum you up?
Direct. Sassy. Inspiring.

And 3 words that don’t?
Thoughtless. Judgemental. Blunt.

The best audience/coachees?
Those wanting to deeply understand themselves, so I can challenge beliefs and go hell for leather helping them realise their potential. (Even the people who don’t want to be in the room – they remind me of myself when I was asked to change, and refusing to see why I should even though I knew I needed to!)

What makes you laugh or smile?
Inexplicably and a little inappropriate, perhaps – when people become overly-earnest (myself included), an uncontrollable belly laugh consumes me!

Talk to me about…
The balance between self 1 and 2: the intellectual and spiritual self; route to success.

Ideal superpower?
Vision – the ability to read between the lines and see what’s really going on deep down.

Biggest ‘Doh!’ moment?
Deciding on lunch with clients at a US Air Force base and asking aloud “What’s the difference between a burger and a cheeseburger?” Hole. Ground. Swallow. Please…

When not coaching, you’ll find me…
Knee-deep in mud, manure and general mayhem. Ask, and I’ll happily tell you more!

My Objective:

To show that words change worlds: to inspire leaders to speak with purpose and make every conversation count; developing teams that deliver results because they want to – by leveraging extraordinary performance through simple behaviours that engage people…

It’s the inside game!

Founder | Coach | Entrepreneur

Annie works with CEOs, Boards and senior executives to enhance their individual and collective engagement effectiveness and lead change. In 1998 she brought new coaching technologies ‘Co-active Coaching’ and ‘The Inner Game’ to organisations. These methodologies played a large part in putting management and executive coaching onto the corporate agenda.

She has a significant reputation for shaping executive career transitions and accelerating culture change and development – through systemic engagement strategies and teamwork at the top.

Clients value Annie’s commercial, calm, insightful and creative style – and her uncanny ability to cut through to the core issues with a direct manner at a pace needed by leaders today.

Professional Credentials

Coaching Specialities and how Annie can help you…

Annie formed Fearless Engagement to enable organisations to leverage extraordinary performance through simple behaviours that engage people. Believing that ‘words change worlds’, her work enables senior executives to understand and address a wide range of issues that relate to ‘engagement’ and the high-performance of their teams. Annie says: “Leaders who fail to appreciate their impact on others squander talent and potential every day.”

She supports leaders to develop a range of behaviours, values and attitudes that, when adopted by a leader, maximise the performance potential of their team. She is particularly expert at straddling the domains of strategy, leadership, culture, team and individual effectiveness.

With a background in linguistics, she helps clients develop their leadership language and capabilities, and shows how cultivating engagement performance, resilience, and mental agility can be used to fast-track achievement of business and personal objectives.

My time with Annie:

“You changed my life in 30 minutes. Please don’t ever do that again Annie and, next time, give me warning. Why…? So I can be a bit less scared!”

Partner, Financial Firm, Barcelona

“Annie’s coaching has been big value for us - tough but powerful. She delivered real transformation.”

Private Equity Firm, Europe

Commercial Experience

Business Background and a life in the real world…

As Managing Director of Whitbread Plc’s North UK Division, Annie’s remit was operational management and management development, including a launch programme of 200 UK hotels and developing operational managers’ key skills ranging from P&L responsibility to marketing, recruitment, profit management and business growth strategy.

Her focus on the way leadership operates, its development and mindset performance improvement led to her coaching other top-tier companies and organisations – and improving business performance through engagement strategy and focus.

She has a broad consulting background working across a variety of international sectors including: Legal (Slaughter and May, Linklaters), Financial (Standard Chartered, Barclays, GE Capital), Insurance (Lloyds of London), Telecoms (BT), Automotive (Tesla), Retail, and Public Sector/NPO, and has a privileged relationship with the US Air Force and UK military agencies.


  • Degree in Business Management
  • Diploma Coach Mastery DCM, ICF / International Teaching Seminars (ITS)
  • Master Certified Coach (MCC) – ICF
  • Certified NLP Coach – ICF, ITS
  • Diploma in Mindfulness – Future Learn
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming® (NLP):

- NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner;
- Train the Trainer; Master Train the Trainer

  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • Certified Practitioner in Applied Neuroscience


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