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“In such a fast-paced, constantly evolving world, the benefits of change leadership have never been more important.

Not only does it deepen your understanding of the leader you are now and the one you need to become, it will also help you support and inspire those around you.”

The Personal Bit
60 seconds’ work and play…

3 words that sum you up?
Open. Congenial. Engaged.

And 3 words that don’t?
Blinkered. Self-serving. Uninterested.

The best audience/coachees?
Those open to change who are willing to experiment with different ways of doing things and prepared to have some fun along the way…

What makes you laugh or smile?
My two whippets going crazy on our walks.

Talk to me about…
What it is you’d like – but haven’t yet managed – to do differently….

Ideal superpower?
To reverse climate change. And, who wouldn’t want to fly?!

Biggest ‘Doh!’ moment?
In a last-minute rush to get my children to an athletics fixture on time, running full pelt into the closing car boot… and the broken nose that resulted. In fact, everything I said for the next few days sounded like “Doh!”

When not coaching, you’ll find me…
Attending gigs and concerts, reading, dog-walking and being mum!

My Objective:

To show leaders that there are no limits to what they can achieve and the difference that makes to everything and everyone around them – no matter what the challenges.

Executive Coach & Culture Change Specialist

Dymphna equips and supports individuals, teams and organisations to become the best version of themselves. Her blend of real-world business experience, underpinned by leadership and change management theory, perfectly positions her to deliver change initiatives and coach individuals leading others through culture change.

With a natural, inquiring style and a curiosity to understand the needs of each person she works with, she is quickly able to pinpoint what’s enabling or hindering performance or culture – and then identify what needs to be done to enable further progress and growth.

In coaching for high performance, she is adept at building team purpose and engagement, establishing guiding values that motivate and unite – even during times of significant organisational change and uncertainty.

Professional Credentials

Specialties and how Dymphna can help you…

Dymphna specialises in change management, culture change, leadership coaching and high-performance team training.

With both C-suite and international experience from a range of markets, she brings a high level of cultural sensitivity and awareness in helping organisations establish what type of culture will best serve them following large-scale changes; helping them to identify where they are and why, then actively evaluate their approach to change and decide what needs to be done to take the organisation with them.

My time with Dymphna:

“Having worked with a significant number of coaches and mentors over the years, Dymphna excelled. She’s incredibly knowledgeable on the whole change environment, backed up by exceptional emotional intelligence – all of which enabled me to overcome a very difficult organisational challenge with incredibly positive outcomes.”

Successful projects include:

  • Leading the change element of a global restructure, involving training and coaching 750 managers to become effective change leaders within their respective business roles.
  • Regularly identifying and coaching the leadership qualities required to take organisations to the next level and strategies on how best to manage associated challenges.
  • Working with dysfunctional cross-functional teams to re-establish what high performance looks like and then achieve it.
  • Guiding and helping a start-up organisation implement the ‘right’ culture for them, then developing scalable processes to enable and accommodate future growth and effectiveness.

Commercial Experience

Business Background and a life in the real world…

Dymphna has a breadth and depth of blue-chip experience, having previously worked for many years in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech sectors. She held various sales, marketing and cross-functional leadership positions in which she led, designed and project-managed change and strategic planning initiatives.

On gaining her MSc in Organisational Change, Dymphna became more involved in coaching and consulting; broadening her organisational consultancy experience and heading up a U.S. multinational’s new Leadership Development Centre of Excellence (which included developing a company-wide leadership culture for 6,000 employees and close working with the executive team to drive cultural change). She then became its VP of Change and Talent, leading the change programme for its global reorganisation, before moving into independent consultancy.

A highly regarded business coach, Dymphna has a deep understanding of the issues and dilemmas facing the CEO, and senior teams today. Supportive, warm, pragmatic, and insightful, she focuses on helping clients increase impact, raise performance, and deepen their self-awareness.

Dymphna understands organisational systems and can swiftly get to the nub of commercial issues, adapting with ease across sectors and cultures.

Qualifications & Certifications

  • BA Hons in English Studies
  • MSc in Organisational Change (Ashridge Business School)
  • Certificate in Coaching (NeuroLeadership Institute)
  • Accredited in the following psychometrics:
    • Discovery Insights
    • Belbin Teamwork
    • Roche Martin Emotional Intelligence


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