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“You need to change the norm values. A culture of a business embeds norms which may or may not be positive. Businesses often get stuck in a cultural and/or practical rut.

For people to adhere to changed expectations or ways of doing things, norm values need to change to allow it.

The Personal Bit
60 seconds’ work and play…

3 words that sum you up?
Direct. Passionate. Pragmatic.

And 3 words that don’t?
Cold. Shy. Judgemental.

The best audience/coachees?
…are open to change.

What makes you laugh or smile?
I can find humour in most scenarios!

Talk to me about…
Setting your sales organisation up for success.

Ideal superpower?
Time travel.

Biggest ‘Doh!’ moment?
Sending a text about my boss, to my boss!

When not coaching, you’ll find me…
Trying to get into shape. Designing and redesigning my house. Watching or reading true crime stories.

My Objective:

The question is less about ‘can they’ achieve, more ‘will they’…”

Commercial Performance Coach, Mentor & Trainer

Jo brings tremendous experience in coaching and mentoring C-suite, partners, boards and executives across many industries. A passionate and committed advocate of employing sales performance practices in today’s marketplace, she brings a vast knowledge of building and developing sales infrastructures across a range of industries. Having focused on both the B2B and B2C worlds, Jo drives results and affects transformational change in large, complex and multi-disciplinary environments.

Having spent decades working and coaching at the top of global organisations, Jo has developed an innate and deep understanding of the pressures, challenges and opportunities that come with sales teams and sales leadership. She works with her clients to develop and shape those skills and behaviours that distinguish successful and impactful sales leaders and teams in today’s complex, dynamic and interconnected working environments.

Clients value Jo’s energy, commercial acumen, and strategic focus on sales culture with infrastructure insight. In particular, they appreciate her ability to combine practical views on salespeople, processes and practices that make the big difference within today’s complex global sales marketplace. Her English spirit whilst living abroad, and her years of working at the top in sales, blend to make Jo’s approach to sales coaching, mentoring and training unique, safe and protected, yet challenging, disciplined, practical and instantly impactful.

Professional Credentials

Jo’s experience including stints at companies such as GE Capital and American Express developed her passion and conviction for a principle-based sales performance approach that would benefit organisations across all sizes and industry types. During her time at American Express, Jo made the move from a more traditional sales leadership role to a commercial and operational role responsible for driving the viability and effectiveness of the entire sales function of the commercial card business across EMEA.

Realising that a strong sales background would be invaluable to the operational decisions businesses make around sales, it was there that she developed her passion and conviction for a principle-based sales performance approach that would benefit organisations across all sizes and industry types.

Drawing on her years of experience and practical application as well as learned tools such as six sigma, Jo has delivered transformational change across many organisations focusing on people, processes, and practices, optimising the sales infrastructures and training and coaching sales and commercial leaders.

My time with Jo:

“Jo has an engaging and forthright style and combines this with her years of experience to coach members of the team around key development areas; the work she has done has truly made a positive difference to our organisation.”

Successful projects include:

  • Driving the viability, effectiveness and ROI of the sales function across EMEA at American Express
  • Developing a principle-based sales performance approach that benefits organisations across all sizes and industry types
  • Led and optimised sales teams in multiple companies, jurisdictions and cultures, both driving growth through best practices and integrating teams into the broader organisation’s culture
  • Working with senior teams (separately and together) to unify sales vision and strategy
  • Designing, developing and delivering sales programmes and events to address critical sales performances issues (e.g. strategy, process, mindset, innovation, disruption and business growth)
  • Developing a learning and development academy to drive performance and engagement

Commercial Experience

Business Background and a life in the real world…

With more than 30 years of experience, Jo’s early career began with a series of sales roles in both B2B and B2C arenas, leading regional sales teams in the real estate and financial services sectors of the UK. Jo moved on in her career with 10 years in significant blue-chip companies (GE Capital and American Express) where she drove sales and the profitability of sales functions across EMEA.

Jo furthered her experience driving sales and sales performance in a variety of senior global roles including an IT lead generation company, a global travel services company and market leading global financial services providers.

Jo has since led and optimised sales teams in multiple companies, jurisdictions and cultures as an independent consultant building and improving the effectiveness of sales functions.


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