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“Every organisation has a culture, whether it’s consciously created or not. It drives so much, not least results.

It’s so rewarding helping people clearly identify and build a unique culture that’s not only right for them but also enhances their reputation. What messages does your culture transmit, and your part within it…?”

The Personal Bit
60 seconds’ work and play…

3 words that sum you up?
Incisive. Creative. Engaging.

And 3 words that don’t?
Reserved. Timid. Dour.

The best audience/coachees?
Those open to truly discovering what they’re capable of.

What makes you laugh or smile?
My family and friends, and my son playing ‘fetch’ with our cat, Delilah (who thinks she’s a dog!).

Talk to me about…
How to get to the root of the problem.

Ideal superpower?
A sonic screwdriver please – and preferably one that fits inside a clutch bag…

Biggest ‘Doh!’ moment?
I have absolutely no sense of direction, so where to begin?! Literally.

When not coaching, you’ll find me…
Out and about in my wellies or trainers.

My Objective:

"To enable individuals to fulfil their potential by understanding and playing to their strengths; whilst ensuring they’re contributing to a positive culture where everyone can thrive."

Organisational & Culture Change Consultant

Stephanie is an Organisational Change & Leadership Consultant with 20 years’ experience delivering change management and leadership, organisational development and business strategy programmes across a wide range of industries. Within this, she specialises in the coaching and mentoring of the Culture Triangle: top-level leadership, team development, recruitment and retention, and strategy.

Results-oriented with a keen commercial focus and analytical research background, she brings a rare mix of research expertise and practical consultancy skills that allow her to quickly get to the heart of an organisation’s DNA and associated challenges: its vision, values, systems, assumptions, beliefs, habits and, ultimately, behaviours –then constructively implement the changes needed.

Professional Credentials

From global multinationals to start-ups, Stephanie has consulted across many different sectors including technology, media, retail, wealth, banking, legal, insurance, logistics, transport, public sector, voluntary sector and professional services.

She is a highly effective facilitator and culture mentor who quickly and effectively builds trust and rapport, such that her warm, inclusive style encourages frank discussion and ensures that everyone has a voice.

Adept at navigating internal politics and sensitive in handling dysfunction, she is unfazed by broaching hard truths – bringing a pragmatic focus on solutions with clear ownership and accountability that leads to tangible results.

Areas of expertise include:
Reviewing and evaluating organisational behaviour and its cultural landscape, then recommending and implementing practical ways forward.

Bringing a wealth of evidence-based practice in designing and delivering a range of organisational diagnostics – from workshops and focus groups to interviews and surveys.

Mentoring fast-track graduates all the way through to board level executives; empowering mentees to take calculated risks and aim higher, by providing support, ideas, experience, tools and challenge as a catalyst for growth.

My time with Stephanie:

“Supportive and encouraging, Stephanie brings clarity of thought and an engaging, inclusive style, without ever losing focus on the ultimate objective.”

“I’m always learning with her, without ever feeling that I’m being taught. She’s a walking moral compass – always focused on the art of the possible, always challenging to ask more of yourself and never letting you off the hook.”

Successful projects include:

  • Leading the design and delivery of the ‘BBC Respect at Work Review’ – a cross-functional review of organisational culture and behaviours which informed the organisation’s long-term communication and culture change strategy.
  • Diagnostic review of a wealth management organisation’s leadership, culture and effectiveness, and subsequent delivery of leadership mentoring and change management consultancy.
  • Leadership mentoring including leadership brand creation with a CTO and his new leadership team to support organisational growth and transition.
  • Board effectiveness review for an international law firm to inform board governance changes and improve ways of working.
  • Values and behaviours workshops and interventions to support organisational restructuring and cultural change in a large media organisation.
  • Mentoring of the talent pipeline within a global logistics organisation to improve leadership capability and support corporate succession strategies.
  • Creation and facilitation of employee engagement workshops to support organisational culture change within a global financial services organisation.
  • Review of employee and customer experience to inform and augment the business strategy of a UK retailer.

Commercial Experience

Business Background and a life in the real world…

Stephanie’s early career was in market intelligence roles within purchasing and supply, before progressing to organisational research and consulting roles with McKinsey, Crane Davies Management Consultants and Penna plc.

Qualifications & Certifications

  • BA Hons in Information Science
  • Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Certificate of Mentoring Practice


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